Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sounds, Sights, Smells

This is a picture of a child's fishing pole - I thought it might be hard to tell at first. I take pictures in Ludington all the time, and I almost always find them unsatisfying when I look at them later. Today as I was hiking and taking pictures, I realized why the pictures always disappoint me. It's because they don't capture the whole essence of the place. So I decided to write down some impressions of what my other senses were experiencing when I took this picture. Here they are:

Smelling: sunblock, pine needles, the lake
Hearing: a grandfather teaching his grandsons how to bait a hook, a squeaky pedal on a paddle boat nearby
Feeling: the sun on my back, a cool breeze, calm

No wonder the pictures never satisfy me.


Katherine said...

TD. It's so hard to really capture! I still love looking at those photos year-round, though. :)

David and Linda said...

The words really help me to totally experience the picture. Thanks!