Thursday, October 22, 2009


Some people get sashes simply because they think they deserve them (ahem, Justin).

Others earn them by listening to an hour and a half lecture on how to use the new copy machine. The sashes were special made by Isaac and say "Copy Machine Helper." Yeah, we're official.


Sarah said...

That is awesome!! Did they make you coordinate your stripedy shirts in order to be helpers? :) Seriously tho, if I got a sash for some of the meetings I had to attend, I'd have a much better attitude about it. Something like "Bullying Preventer" or "PowerPoint Princess"! :)

Katherine said...

Ha! Sarah, those would be great sashes! And I love that you wrote "stripedy." :)

Seriously, I think all meetings and accomplishments both great and small should come with sashes. We should write to Obama and show him how it would boost the economy by employing local sash makers! And no offense to Justin, but I think the "Copy Machine Helpers" deserved them a little more...