Monday, December 7, 2009

Secretary of State today

Going to the Secretary of State's office is never pleasant - I had to wait 45 minutes today for my number to be called. But not only that, I saw two very disturbing things while I was there:

1) I saw a lady taking the eye test to renew her license. When asked if she wears her glasses while driving, she said no. She then proceeded to see NOTHING in the eye test and was told to start wearing her glasses while driving. How long has she been driving without her glasses? Terrifying.

2) I saw a kid who looks exactly like Ron Weasley in the FIRST Harry Potter movie applying for his drivers permit.

A blind lady and a child driving on the same roads as me. Some things are better left unknown.


Joel said...

Is that where you go to renew your license? We go to the DMV here... and it's a forever wait!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Yeah, it's the same place. For some reason, we just call it the Secretary of State.

Joel said...

Interesting! At first I thought you had some special meeting or were getting an award. :) So did YOU pass the test? Still good to drive? You were probably registering your new wheels though huh. Did you give it a name?

Elizabeth Downie said...

There was no test, thank goodness. haha! I was working out some stuff for my new car. I haven't named it yet! Any suggestions?

Katherine said...

Well, Ron DID drive in the 3rd book, and, well, with slightly scary end results, but still...maybe this kid has had more practice? Maybe he and glasses lady practice on the same roads...he's probably a good defensive driver now.
I think you should name your car Jed. Only because that's the first name that popped into my head. Katie and Jackie named my car Sterling this summer on our road trip because he's silver. (I know most cars are female, but mine's male, apparently...) This comment is weird. ;)

Sarah said...

When naming your car, I usually take part of the license plate to help. For example, my Neon's license plate had "RBT" in it, and was green...hence, "Frogger". :) My current car is "Maggie May" because I got her in May. :)