Thursday, March 11, 2010

Street Shots

I don't know why but I've always really liked alleys. I mean, I'm no fool - I don't go hanging out in them or anything. They seem like secret passage ways where anything could happen (I try not to think too hard about what "anything" could mean). Anyway, I think they're cool.

A leprechaun's hat rack. Adorable.


David and Linda said...

Picture #1 - Buffy, Angel, and Spike come to mind. Except that it's not night time.
Picture #2 - I LOVE St. Patrick's Day. And I have the day off, so I will be making Irish soda bread, etc. and singing Danny Boy.

Katherine said...

I like that alleyway picture! Very cool! And I agree with Mom about who you might find down it... And shouldn't a leprechaun's hat rack be shorter?

David and Linda said...

Faith and begora,good point about the hat rack, K. They'd have to pile up a lot of pots 'o coins on top of each other to reach that hat!