Monday, August 2, 2010

Walk in the woods

This evening I took a bike ride to the woods nearby. It was a little cooler inside the woods than out, but the loud buzzing of the cicadas made me feel hot. The sun was setting and peeking through the clouds, making everything in its path golden. The mosquitoes forced me out after only a short while, but it was a lovely walk in the woods while it lasted.

The sun, making this log look like gold.

Looking straight up. I miss this green in the winter.

The sun peeking through.


Sara said...

The magic hour! Lovely! :)

Sarah said...

That second pic is a keeper to stare at in winter! :) Can't wait for our hike tomorrow! (And we have to plan an outing with Sara again el pronto!) :)

Katherine said...

Really beautiful photos! I do love all of the green!