Sunday, March 13, 2011

One big update!

So, obviously I haven't updated in weeks! That's a first for me on this blog, I think. I mean, I've neglected it, but not for so long. So here are a few pictures I've taken in the last couple weeks. And I promise I'll try to do better now.

Special treat. :)

Snowy night outside the restaurant window

One of the Borders stores going out of business

Drying the snow off Daisy

Snow, finally starting to melt!

Another snowy drive to work


violet50 said...

I love the cupcake picture! But I can't look at it for long because...(where is this place?) ?Cute picture of Daisy. I like the snow/no snow pictures but I like 60 -70 degree weather better. Do I hear 80?

Katherine said...

That cupcake looks scrumptious!!! And sad about the Borders. Oh the Harry Potter release party memories!