Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sad to see it go.

I always hate to take the Christmas tree down. It's so sad! Plus, it seems like we could use something cheerful and lit up with pretty lights to get us through the cold months ahead. I wonder if it's too late to put it back in it's stand and redecorate it?


Sarah said...

One year, my mom left up our tree (an artificial one) and decorated it for Valentine's Day...and then St. Patrick's Day...and Easter...and I think it stayed up through the 4th of July! :)

Katherine said...

I agree! So sad to see it go! I like Sarah's mom's idea.

Emily said...

Kelly bought two Christmas trees this year (The original and then a replacement when the original dried up in about a day and practically fell apart). Now they are waiting for the recycling center to come pick them up and the trees look so sad and loney.