Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What will be

I found this picture in a journal I was working on today at work. Justin glued my head to a picture of a person enjoying their Snuggie (although I think it's actually a Slanket since the Snuggie only comes in three colors) and hid it for me to find. It cracked me up! My Snuggie still hasn't arrived, but it should be here any day now and I can't wait.

People have been asking me why I actually ordered one, and my answer is that I ordered it for 70% for comical purposes, 30% for warmth.


Sarah said...

Come on winter-hater...I figured you'd say at least 80% for heat! :) By the way, I dare you...nay, double-dog dare you, to spend a full 24 hours in your snuggie...strolling through Target, pumping gas, working at your desk, having dinner with friends...I'll volunteer to document the whole thing. :)

Emily said...

I LOVE this picture of you. You look so charming in the green Snuggie. What color did you order?

Did you happen to see the episode of Ellen where she came out wearing a Snuggie? Too funny.

P.S. - The word verification for my comment is "peaverte". Also - too funny!

Elizabeth Downie said...

I ordered sage! :) The options were dark blue, maroon, or sage. I felt like if I ordered the maroon, I'd look like a Monk! The Slanket has way more options, but a much more ridiculous name. Oh, and it's a lot more expensive!

I think the sage is going to be really pretty.

Katherine said...

I like saying "slanket," even in my head.

I really think you should go along with Sarah's suggestion. I mean, that would be a great blog entry! Sometimes you gotta make sacrifices for the sake of the blog, E. Though wearing a Snuggie all day wouldn't be much of a sacrifice, really.